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The materials utilized in both pucks were carefully chosen. Firstly, a firm vulcanized rubber body was chosen for two reasons:
1- Authenticity - It's the same material as an ice hockey puck, and therefore has a similar feel.
2- Properties- The durability, damping (energy displacing), and impact absorbing qualities of rubber are superior to that of plastic.
    Back during the days when we were experimenting with prototypes, we speed tested on surfaces from smooth to rough with a variety of plastic polymers, from the common to the more exotic. We were looking for the material that gave us the fastest, smoothest sliding puck as well as the neccessary wear and durability characteristics needed to withstand the punishment of hockey.
  We found a material that gave us the best of both worlds. Our plastic resin gives us a blend of impact and erosion resistance that is self-lubricating. The glide peg has a feel on the fingertip that is somewhat slick to the touch, and is responsible in part for the tremenodus speed and smoothness players will enjoy, even when the skating surface is less than optimal.