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Roller Hockey Puck / Inline Hockey Puck
  ProPuck is most distinguished by its vulcanized rubber body and flawless game play.
  We chose rubber, simply, to most closely replicate the feel of an ice puck as opposed to plastic, which we've always felt was an inferior choice of material. Rubber is more compliant and shock absorbing by nature, which contributes to this puck's stability on a wide range of playing surfaces.
The puck's glide pegs are made from a complex and advanced polymer that not only has a very low coefficient of friction, but is actually self-lubricating. Wide and flat tops with increased surface area keep it from bouncing over cracks and bumps. The polymer itself makes the puck fast.
  You'll find after using ProPuck for only a game or two, that our product will lay flatter, bounce less, roll less, and glide smoother and faster than the typical plastic roller hockey puck.
  Considering how badly a bouncy, rolling puck can ruin the gameplay experience, we ask that you give our product a try.
    3" Diameter
1" Thickness
Weighs 4 oz.
    Body - Vucanized Rubber
Glide Pegs - Low Friction, Self-Lubricating Polymer
    Red, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow.